Frank W. “Bo” Rogers, Jr., Lifetime Achievement Award

Frank W. “Bo” Rogers, Jr., was a member of the first family of the Roanoke Bar Association.  His father, Frank W. Rogers, Sr., signed the articles of incorporation of the RBA in 1925 and served as the Association’s second president.

Mr. Rogers practiced law in Roanoke for over 50 years.  Before his passing in 2005, he gave his time and considerable expertise to numerous civic organizations, serving as president of the Roanoke Bar Association and as a member of the boards of Hollins University, Episcopal High School, the YMCA, the Roanoke Symphony Society, and the Virginia Historical Society.  The memorial resolution passed by the General Assembly noted that he had an extraordinary zest for life, a remarkable gift for instantly making everyone he met feel at ease, and will be fondly remembered for his immense generosity and kindness.

The Frank W. “Bo” Rogers, Jr., Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an outstanding lawyer who embodies the highest tradition of personal and professional excellence in Southwest Virginia and, in doing so, enhances the image and esteem of attorneys in the region.


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