Grants Provided by the Roanoke Law Foundation

Since the inception of the Roanoke Law Foundation, it has awarded over $217,900 in grants for the community and  in student scholarships through the James N. Kincanon Scholarships, the Jane S. Glenn Scholarship.  Applications for grants must be postmarked by March 31 of each year.  All applications must comply with the Foundation’s Grant Policy 2024 and must be accompanied by a completed Grant Application 2024.

History of the Roanoke Law Foundation

On June 10, 1997, the Roanoke Law Foundation (formerly known as the Roanoke Bar Association Foundation) was established to improve and facilitate the administration of justice, to promote the diffusion of knowledge of the law, and to effect such other educational and charitable purposes as the trustees from time-to-time shall determine.

The Roanoke Law Foundation serves as the public service and philanthropic arm of the Roanoke Bar Association for the purpose of supporting, improving and facilitating the administration of justice; and providing and supporting law-related education. This mission is to be accomplished by raising funds to provide grants and other financial assistance to individuals and other organizations to support law-related educational activities, and to provide scholarships for potential future attorneys, and by providing public service in support of this mission.