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 Bar Associations
     •  American Bankruptcy Institute
     •  American Bar Association
     •  Association of Trial Lawyers of America
     •  Roanoke Bar Association
RVLSA . . . the association for legal professionals
     •  Salem/Roanoke County Bar Association
     •  Virginia Bar Association
     •  Virginia State Bar
     •  Virginia Trial Lawyers Association
     •  Virginia Women Attorneys Association

Virginia State Bar Fee Dispute Resolution Program

Attorney Certifying Organizations
     •  American Board of Certification
     •  National Board of Trial Advocacy  

Federal Law
     •  Bankruptcy Code
     •  Bankruptcy Forms
     •  Congressional Record
     •  Federal Legislation in Process
     •  Federal Register
     •  Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
     •  Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
     •  Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
     •  Federal Rules of Evidence
     •  Index of Public and Private Laws
     •  Library of Congress
     •  U. S. Code (Popluar Names)
     •  U. S. Code of Federal Regulations
     •  U. S. Senate
        •  Sen. Tim Kaine
        •  Sen. Mark Warner
     •  U. S. House of Representatives
        •  Rep. Robert J. Wittman 1st Dist.
        •  Rep. E Scott Rigell 2nd Dist.
        •  Rep. Robert C. "Bobby" Scott 3rd Dist.
        •  Rep. J. Randy Forbes 4th Dist.
        •  Rep. Robert Hurt 5th Dist.
        •  Rep. Bob Goodlatte 6th Dist.
        •  Rep. Eric Cantor 7th Dist.
        •  Rep. James P. (Jim) Moran 8th Dist.
        •  Rep. H. Morgan Griffith 9th Dist.
        •  Rep. Frank R. Wolf 10th Dist
        •  Rep. Gerry E. Connolly 11th Dist.  

Federal Courts
     •  Federal Judiciary Homepage
     •  U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia
     •  U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Virginia
     •  U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia
     •  U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia
     •  U. S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
     •  U.S. Supreme Court (Official Website)
     •  U. S. Supreme Court (Cornell; 1990 to Present)
     •  U.S. Supreme Court (FindLaw; 1893 to present)  

Federal Agencies
     •  Bureau of Labor Statistics
     •  Copyrights (Searchable)
     •  FedWorld (Dept. of Commerce)
     •  Federal Reserve (Banking Institution Historical and Financial Data)
     •  Federal Statistics
     •  Internal Revenue Service
     •  Patent and Trademark Office
        •  Patents (Searchable)
        •  Trademarks (Searchable)
     •  Social Security Administration
     •  United States Trustee
     •  World Factbook (C.I.A.)  

Bankruptcy Information
     •  Bankruptcy Basics
     •  Bankruptcy Overview  

Bankruptcy Reform - Senate Bill 265
     •  Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (Search for S. 256)
 •  Redline Comparison of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 

Virginia Law
     •  Code of Virginia (Searchable)
        •  Popular Names
        •  Table of Contents
     •  Constitution of Virginia
     •  General Assembly
     •  House of Delegates
        •  Del. Christopher T. Head
        •  Del. Gregory D. Habeeb
        •  Del. Sam Rasoul
     •  Legal Ethics Opinions
     •  Opinions of the Attorney General
     •  Senate of Virginia
        •  Sen. John S. Edwards
        •  Sen. Stephen D. Newman
        •  Sen. Ralph K. Smith
     •  State and Local Governments
     •  State Agencies Directory
     •  Virginia Administrative Code (Searchable)
     •  Virginia's Home Page
     •  Virginia Indigent Defense Commission
     •  Virginia Legislative Information System
     •  Virginia Municipal Codes
     •  Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission Opinions (Searchable)

Virginia Courts
     •  General District Court Case Dockets
     •  Circuit Court Case Dockets
     •  Court of Appeals of Virginia
        •  Published Opinions (Text format - no footnotes)
        •  Published Opinions (Word processed/.pdf format - footnoted)
        •  Unpublished Opinions (Text format - no footnotes)
        •  Unpublished Opinions (Word processed/.pdf format - footnoted)
        •  Searchable Opinions
     •  Supreme Court of Virginia
        •  Official Opinions (Since 6/9/95 )
        •  Rules (Searchable)
        •  Searchable Opinions
     •  Virginia's Judiciary Homepage  

Roanoke Valley Law and Information
     •  City of Roanoke
        •  Roanoke City Code
     •  City of Salem
        •  Salem City Code
     •  County of Roanoke
        •  Roanoke County Code
     •  Roanoke Law Library Catalog  

Law-Related Public Sites
     •  Bankruptcy Lawfinder
     •  Bankruptcy News (Chapter 11)
     •  Catalaw
     •  Commercial Law League of America
     •  Consumer Bankruptcy Information
     •  Consumer Credit Information
     •  FindLaw
     •  FindLaw Virginia
     •  FindForms.com
     •  Free Legal Forms
     •  The Internet Lawyer
     •  Internet Legal Resource Group
     •  LawGuru Internet Law Library Virginia
     •  LawInfo.com
     •  Lease Enforcement Attorney's Network (LEAN)
     •  Legal Ethics
     •  Legal Information Institute (Cornell)
     •  Library of Congress
     •  State and Local Government Information
     •  WashLaw Web
     •  WWW Virtual Law Library

Useful Links
     •  CEO Express
     •  Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
     •  Downloadable PDA Documents
     •  FirstGov
     •  Kelley Blue Book Used Car Values and New Car Pricing
     •  Prescription Drug Identification
     •  Search Links
     •  NADA New and Used Car Prices
     •  Nat. Assoc. of Secretaries of State
     •  National Climactic Data Center
     •  Newspapers.com
     •  Norton/Symantec
     •  Official U.S. Time
     •  Postal Service Zip Code Finder
     •  RefDesk
     •  Western Virginia Bankruptcy Attorneys
     •  Free Annual Credit Report

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