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News from the Courtroom:

Substitute Judge Application - Deadline September 27, 2013

Courthouse Electronic Device Policy

Drug Court Information

Changes at the Roanoke County General District Court Clerk's Office

Roanoke County Volunteer Work Program

Policy Regarding Transfer of Circuit Court Case Files

Policy Requiring the Timely Submission of Vouchers and Payment Requests

Roanoke County Courthouse Security Checkpoint Policy

J & DR Custody and Visitation Practice.pdf

Continuance Requests for Felony and Misdemeanor Traffic and Criminal Cases Pending in the Roanoke City General District Court

New Virginia administrative fees on traffic offenses, DUIs, and other vehicular-related felonies, effective July 1, 2007

Representation of Multiple Defendants in General District Court

Cell Phone Policy

Procedure in Divorce Cases in Roanoke County Circuit Court

Designation of Circuit Courtrooms for Civil and Criminal Trials in 23rd Judicial Circuit