RBA 97th Annual Meeting, June 14, 2022

Posted on June 17, 2022

President Macel Janoschka called the 97th Annual meeting to order. The 97th Annual RBA meeting was held at the Shenandoah Club. A virtual option was also available.

President Janoschka recognized RLF Chairman, Daniel P. Frankl, who announced the scholarship recipient, Margaret Dupree. Ms. Dupree will receive both the Jane Glenn Scholarship and the James Kincanon Scholarship. Mr. Kenney also announced this years grant recipients which included the Local Office on Aging, The Rescue Mission of Roanoke and the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline.

Macel Janoschka welcomed Lori Thompson up to introduce Sarah C, Jessee, the 2022 Young Lawyer of the Year. The 2022 Frank “Bo” Rogers Lifetime Achievement Award was then presented to Ronald M. Ayers by The Honorable David Carson. Macel Janoschka then asked Brett Marston come up to introduce the RBA’s fourth ever recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. It was presented to Thomas H. Miller.

Macel Janoschka took a moment to recognize Dan Frankl as the 2022 recipient of the Local Bar Leader of the Year to be presented at the Virginia State Bar meeting on June 17th. She then read the list of Presidents Volunteer Service recipients for 2021.

Macel Janoschka passed the RBA gavel to new president Lori Bentley, who then recognized Macel for her service as president to the RBA. Macel took this opportunity to thank the members of the current Board for their service during this challenging year and the membership for their continued support. Thank you to the RVPA for assisting with check in.

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