You and the Law: A Look Inside Your Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts – March 2017

Posted on March 28, 2017

You and the Law:  A Look Inside Your Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, a look behind-the-scenes. On March 28, 2017 five judges, the juvenile and domestic relations city clerk, six members of the sheriff’s department and members of the Roanoke Bar Association presented a program that included:

  • educating the public regarding the jurisdiction of the Court and the importance of mandated confidentiality of records, possible subsequent expungement and protective orders. How the Court operates and what the Clerk’s office can and cannot do to help with a case.
  • explaining how the Sheriff’s office insures appropriate conduct in Court to ensure safe and efficient legal proceedings. How the Sheriff’s office educates the public, especially in our schools.
  • a discussion the effect social media and the use of various apps play in the court room
  • a mock juvenile detention hearing and see how prosecutors and public defenders work toward a resolution all parties can live with.
  • Two judges describing the reality of Pro Se Litigants in court. How unrepresented parties can file petitions and motions and describing the court process.
  • a panel discussion on Foster Care. Including Guardian ad litem.