YATL Your Day in Court

October 6, 2015

Roanoke City Courthouse


Welcome and Introductions
Thomas H. Miller, Esq.
Chairman, You and the Law Program

Sheriff Tim Allen
Captain Chuck Ferguson
Lieutenant Frank Harris
Rick Kahl
Jean Wyatt
The Honorable Jacqueline W. Talevi
Anthony F. Anderson, Esq.
Betty Jo Anthony, Esq.
Lieutenant Bill Breedlove

You and the Law October 2015 Handout


Part 1: Courthouse Security, Protocol, and Function of the Sheriff’s Office


Part 2: Introduction to and Tour of the General District Court Clerk’s Offices

Due to space limitations we were unable to film the presentations in the Clerks’ offices


Part 3: The Rule of Law


Part 4: Commonwealth vs. John and Jane Doe


Part 5: Your Identity Has Been Stolen/You Have Been Scammed – Now What?