YATL Your Day in Court


October 6, 2015

Roanoke City Courthouse

315 Church Avenue, SW, Roanoke, VA  24011


Free to the Public – Registration Required
Courthouse Restrictions* In Effect


5:45 p.m. Check in

6:00 p.m.

Thomas H. Miller, Esq. – Chairman, You and the Law Program

Courthouse Security, Protocol, and the Function of the Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Tim Allen – Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office
Get a first-hand look at the security system, why we have it, and how it works.  Find out what is expected of courthouse visitors and how to make your next visit to the courtroom go more smoothly and more productive.  Learn how the Sheriff’s office functions and how the deputies insure that Roanoke City has a safe and efficient courthouse.

6:30 p.m.

Introduction to and Tour of the General District Clerk’s Offices
Rick Kahl, Clerk – Roanoke City General District Court

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Go behind that thick glass barrier and get a behind-the-scenes look at the Clerk’s offices and how they function.  Learn what the clerks can and cannot do to help you with your case.

7:00 p.m.


7:15 p.m.

Inside the Courtroom
  The Rule of Law
The Honorable Jacqueline Ward Talevi – Judge, Roanoke City General District Court
  Theodore Roosevelt said, “Ours is a government of liberty by, through and under the law.  No man is above it, and no man is below it.”  This is the defining characteristic of our democratic society that has sustained us as a nation, and inspired others around the world.  Learn about the rule of law as the basis of all of our rights and responsibilities as American citizens.
  Commonwealth vs. John and Jane Doe
Donald S. Caldwell, Esq. – Commonwealth’s Attorney

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  Forget Law & Order and CSI and find out what really happens in the courtroom.  Whether you are represented by an attorney, or choose to represent yourself, the rules and requirements are the same.  Learn about courtroom protocol, rules of evidence, and what is required by the court.
  Your Identity Has Been Stolen/You Have Been Scammed – Now What?
Chief Chris Perkins – Roanoke City Police Department
Donald S. Caldwell, Esq. – Commonwealth’s Attorney
Previous You and the Law  sessions have covered how to avoid scams and protect your identity.  But what happens if those precautions fail?  Find out your options and how the law works if this happens to you.

8:30 p.m.


*Courthouse Restrictions

Everyone is required to go through the metal detector.  Cell phones, cameras, and weapons of any kind are not allowed in the courthouse, even after hours.  There is no storage for these items at the entry point and anyone bringing these items into the courthouse will be asked to leave them outside.