Young Lawyer of the Year Award

Presented to an outstanding young lawyer who has demonstrated dedicated service to the Roanoke Bar Association, the community and the profession.


Young Lawyer of the Year Award Recipients
2023 T. Daniel “Bo” Frith, IV
2022 Sarah C. Jessee
2021 Catherine J. Huff
2020 Andrew S. Gerrish
2019 Devon R. Slovensky
2018 Lindsey A. Coley
2017 Macel H. Janoschka
2016 Patice L. Holland
2015 Brooke C. Rosen
2014 Brandy M. Rapp
2013 Kristin B. Johnson
2012 Thomas E. Strelka
2011 Lauren M. Ellerman
2010 Leah S. Gissy
2009 Wade T. Anderson
2008 Elizabeth Guilbert Perrow
2007 Richard D. Scott
2006 Lori D. Thompson

Young Lawyer Award Qualifications 2024